Introducing the creative master mind behind the Shelter popular mural – meet multi talented Russian artist Tanya | @tumanami



Since many of you have asked about our Shelter Sailor Girl we decided to sit down with the creator of the concept and ask her a few questions about how she conceptualized it.

The colourful mural charged with positive vibes  added a new dynamics to our café and contrasts amazingly with our garden rooftop concept and all the greenery.On top of that : the selfie loving crowd got a new canvas to pose in front of and poke their eyes out trying to snatch the best one


What does art mean to you?

Art is no doubt a form of expression. My drawings are my language which I use to tell stories with. Sometimes it’s a one sentence and sometimes it’s a novel.

Can you describe what your creative process is like?

Usually the ideas come to me without knocking. One minute I have the drawing in my head, I grab a pencil, and the next it’s on the paper. Rarely I think about an illustration couple of days before I materialize it.

Which technique is your favorite?

I like different techniques, but prefer graphic lines and colors that make me wanna “touch” them. Something that’s almost yummy. Lately I have been mostly drawing with pencils. I like how pencil drawing feels – there is so much sensibility and style in it. My friend once told me it’s old fashioned. Maybe, but it feels right to me, so I can continue drawing!

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